Building a Brand Identity: Secrets of Successful Branding

Building a Brand Identity: Secrets of Successful Branding

In the today’s marketing arena, where every product has at least 10 competitors and 10 substitutes to deal with, it becomes very important to stand out and have an identity of its own. A specific identity that distinguishes one product from another having unique characteristics. For every product, a brand stands to state the emotional and functional connect of the product with the consumers. A brand is basically a promise that the product will perform as per the customer expectations.

To market a product, it is very important to create a distinct brand identity which sticks in the consumer’s mind whenever the name pops up. To create that brand identity, a few elements are definitely required that help the organization in visualizing and delivering that promise. The elements are:

  • Brand Name
  • Trademark Colour
  • Symbol
  • Tag Line

A brand name should be such that a consumer can pronounce it properly, should not hurt the religious sentiments and should be in sync with the product type. It should not sound similar to another brand in the same segment as well. The brand name is what the product is known by. It should reflect the aesthetic feel of the product.

The trademark color helps in visualizing the product. If the product is for the kids, then a lot of bright colours may be used. If the product is for the office use, for example laptops, colours like grey, blue and black are used. Trademark Colours define the nature of the product.

Symbol of the brand should be such that it should state the aesthetics and the feel of the product. For example; Federal Express became FedEx, Amazon has a smile embedded in the symbol which signifies that the service aims at bringing a smile on the consumer’s face and Baskin Robbins has 39 embedded in the symbol. 39 in Baskin Robbins signifies that they offer a total of 39 flavours in their range of ice creams.

Tag Line is a 5-6 word line which helps in creating brand associations and also helps in communicating the brand value. The tag line is essential as the organization should end up delivering the same value to the consumers as it promises to deliver in the tag line. For example: Coca Cola has a tagline of Open Happiness which states that when you share the drink, you share happiness as well; FedEx tagline is “Relax, It’s FedEx”. Here Federal Express communicates that you as a consumer does not have to worry regarding the courier of your package because it’s FedEx. They deliver the package in the limited time and with utmost efficiency.

Every product needs to create a distinct identity for itself, which is etched in the consumer’s mind. A strong brand identity helps the customer to connect with the product and ultimately affects the sales of that product. For every brand, communication with its customer is very important, otherwise the product will be lost in the severe competition it faces today.

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