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[rdy_gmaps height=”550″ zoom=”15″ styles=”shades-of-grey” image=”5202″]
[rdy_gmaps zoom=”15″ styles=”turquoise-water”]

12 Pre-made Map Styles

Style: Ultra Light

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”ultra-light”]

Style: Shades of Grey

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”shades-of-grey”]

Style: Blue Water

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”blue-water”]

Style: Light Monochrome

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”light-monochrome”]

Style: Paper

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”paper”]

Style: Cool Grey

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”cool-grey”]

Style: Turquoise Water

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”neutral-blue”]

Style: Just Places

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”subtle”]

Style: Ultra Light

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”turquoise-water”]

Style: Ultra Light

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”just-places”]

Style: Light Blue Water

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”light-blue-water”]

Style: Green and Blue

[rdy_gmaps zoom=”13″ styles=”green-and-blue”]

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