Websites have gone full screen

Websites have gone full screen

The whole world of internet has totally been revolutionised in the recent years. Each website has been given the latest features that making browsing a whole new experience that every user wants to have. The latest in line is the new feature that every website has in its settings page. Website developers have now come up with the all new full screen option, wherein the user can use it to make the website fit the whole page of the monitor and leave out the task bar.

This whole new full screen option is giving the users a whole new experience. Once the full screen option is given, the address bar and the task bar vanish and the person can scroll through the pages in the website with the help of the scroll bar that is present. Few ways to achieve full screen in devices are,

  • Choose auto hide of the address bar
  • User can request for full screen from the options that are given in settings
  • Install an app to the home screen in case of the mobile phones.

As is the case, the feature can be handled for any device, be it a normal computer or even a mobile phone. In some cases, trying to go full screen in the device can require few lines of programs in order to run the application. But as time goes by, several of the software developers like, android, iOS, Chrome and even Firefox OS have been developing some implementable apps that can be used if the person wishes to go full screen. This helps since, not everyone is known to write the programming languages in order to run the app.

Installing full screen in a computer:

There are few steps by which the full screen option can be used in the computer without the use of any kind of programming language. They can be chosen from the options that are given in settings box. The steps are,

  • Click on the menu button that is given on the top right corner or on the tool bar and then select full screen. This is in case when a person uses Firefox OS.
  • To turn the full screen off, click on the same menu button and once again press the full screen option. You get your address and task bar back and full screen effect vanishes.

This is really a simple option when a person wants to go full screen on his computer.

Using the keyboard shortcuts

People having a really good memory and those who can simply remember the keyboard shortcuts can easily make the websites go to full screen. All they have to do is just press the F11 key and there you are. The website goes full screen and the person can press the same command to get back the normal screen.

While on the other hand, if the person is seen to be using a compact keyboard that come in the laptops or the tablets, can give the command “fn+F11” and can go full screen.

All this said, few people do not really recommend the particular full screen option since they feel this might create problems to other features.

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